Chia Seeds - 1 Kg


This superfood is a great source of fiber and anti¬oxidants, a good source of calcium, a good source of plant based “complete protein” and an excellent source of the plant-derived Omega 3 fatty acid ALA similar to walnuts and flax seeds. Just soak th..

Cinnamon - 1 Kg


One of the highest in antioxidant values and a spice that brings holiday spirit everytime when used...

Cloves - 1 Kg



Coriander Seeds - 1 Kg


These seeds can also be used to sow to get coriander plants...

Cumin - 100Gms



Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Ltr


Coconut oil when cold tunes white, thick and hard. Just leave the bottle of coconut oil in a bowl of warm water or leave it out in  the room temperature to melt. Coconut oil is great for cooking. Eat it raw by the spoonful especially when it is ..

Extra Virgin olive Oil - 1 Ltr


For me everything tastes great with a little extra olive oil. The Mediterranean diet, which shows so much promise in being able to keep us healthy and extend our lives, incorporates a good amount of extra virgin olive oil from olives which are high i..

Fennel Seeds - 1 Kg


Use these in your cooking, teas and throw some in the soil to get fennel greens which are excellent in salads...

Finger Millet - 1 Kg



Flax Seeds - 1 Kg


Flax Seeds are high in soluble fiber, protein and rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folic acid), calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc. It has more lignans than any other plant in the world, which have strong anti-cancer proper..

Foxtail Millet - 1 Kg


One of the easiest millet to cook. Use it in place of your rice. It has a lot of fibre so it is excellent for people with diabetes so as most of the millets...

Green Millet - 1 Kg



Green Peas - 1 Kg


Soak your dried green peas overnight. Then remove the foam from cooking the legumes that has phytic acid which makes digestion hard. Or simply change the water after the foam is formed. Use new batch of water and cook as you would normally...

Jaggery Powder - 1 Kg



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