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We are the leading organic food stores in Hyderabad, which serves a great variety of handcrafted flavorful organic foods that deliver the wholesome value of health, taste, & wellness. Quality is our priority- Supplying local, exotic, & fresh superfood artisanal treats that ensure health & happiness.

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Perfect for keeping blood sugar levels steady on a particularly stressful day, these Almond & Banana Bars offer a nutrient and mineral-rich diet with dates, cacao nibs and cinnamon to give a delicious and energizing kick to any mundane day. Health Benefits: Great source of proteins and vitamins | Rich in calcium and other minerals | Good for digestion |…

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  • Tamanna


    ( Actress )

    The pesto n veggies were awesome I cud literally eat that all the time Dinner was fab So filling n yummy

  • Namratha Shirodkar

    Namratha Shirodkar

    ( Miss India(1993)Actress )

    I’ve been enjoying the treats from Sridevi’s kitchen studio for some time now along with my family. I love the taste and the feeling of comfort they give. Having known Sridevi for some time, I can see the passion and commitment with which she makes her food. The bonus of course is that she is an experienced nutritionist who knows her stuff inside out and makes her food with organic sources as much as possible. 11m surely among her top fans of food!

  • Shilpa Reddy

    Shilpa Reddy

    ( Fashion designer )

    Text Found on Your Image is As someone who is extremely conscious about what I put into my body, I hv immense trust in Sridevi 4 her knowledge about food and nutrition.. she handles food with lots of love and at most care and with a genuine intent and desire to Nourish. Not many people might put emphasis on this but to me this is most important !! the intent behind the person who makes ur food ..Her food is not just nourishing and tasty but is holistic, wholesome , satiating soulful.. and has a vibrant vibe to it

  • Amala Akkineni

    Amala Akkineni

    ( Actress and Animal Welfare Activist )

    “Sridevi’s food is full of goodness and surprises. I love the way she blends flavours and textures to ensure we get all the nutrition we need. If I choose a word to describe it , yummy’ says it all. “

  • Supriya Yarlagadda

    Supriya Yarlagadda

    ( Annapurna Studios )

    “l find the morning smoothie such a great way to start the day, especially since 11m not a breakfast person. Is delivered early enough before i head for work, so I never leave home on an empty stomach like I often did earlier before meeting Sridevi. Love the banana and chia seed texture… and all the fresh berries. Staying healthy can be such a challenge but with my morning berry smoothie, i feel im starting off my day on a good note.

  •  Dr. Gurava reddy

    Dr. Gurava reddy

    ( M.D., Sunshine Hospitals )

    Never thought diet food can be this tasty. Thoroughly enjoying my lunches everyday Sauces are fantastic! I was astonished to find out I lost 5 kgs!

  • Nagarjuna Akkineni

    Nagarjuna Akkineni

    ( Actor & Businessman )

    The smoothies are my morning amrutham! Delicious and nourishing. I can’t do without them.

  • Kiran


    ( M.D., Gemini Television )

    Morning Berry Juice, afternoon exotic Salads, Beans, seed & nut Pates, amazing Dips and Of course the Sesame Crackers….. Simply Superb & Vibrant!!! Thank you Sridevi!!

  • Bhargavi Kunam

    Bhargavi Kunam

    ( Fashion Designer )

    I know U apply magic on people. It’s true Whenever u tell someone abt U I say this U should listen from her abt food U will never eat wrong food If u eat also U will be aware what u r supposed to Or not supposed to

  • Manjula Ghattamaneni

    Manjula Ghattamaneni

    ( Producer )

    “All my life I have been eating and tasty food, separately. Only after I met Sridevi, I realize I can have taste and health all in one meal. Sridevi introduced me to fine eating and taught me how to celebrate food. Thank you for Vibrant foods. You are simply the best! I love you”.

Taste that will blow your mind!

Breaking the generic norms of healthy food doesn’t taste great, and presenting the goodness of whole foods in an uber delicious way. Guilt-free, deteclable indulgences that uplift your spirits.

Keeps your family healthy

Improving the quality of food & life with holistic lifestyle practices!

Our story

From the pristine landscapes and fields of Florence, Tuscany, Florida and Toronto emerged an idea that was destined to find its glory in the heartland of India. An idea born out of passion that triggered an innate need to give food a new shape, a new dimension and a whole new meaning… A hobby that was meant to care for a family’s health and well being with food made from tender love and care, soon turned into a mission that expanded to several families that enjoy the magic of unspoilt nutrition in all its richness and reality

Always fresh

Presenting seasonal fresh produce directly from the farm to your table without taking away the nutrition!

Organic & Safe from Pesticides

We serve an array of healthy superfood eats by engaging the local fresh organic produce! Our aim is to facilitate people with our chemical-free organic products & to ensure common-well-being. Genuine Organic foods that are 100% natural, chemical-free, preservative-free, & 0% adulteration!