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Love. Pure & Simple.


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Our story was seeded circa 2010, when Sridevi, a holistic nutritionist by career and a gourmet chef by training moved back to her homeland after over two decades of food and nutrition related work, business and extensive travel across North America & Europe.

Starting with nutrition workshops and consultations - today we are happy to have served people across cultures and continents who continue to relish our tasty snacks, mixes and staples.

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Vibrant Living embodies our mission: to inspire everyone we touch into experiencing the everlasting joys of a holistic lifestyle - with naturally farmed, plant based food at the core.


Our customer however, is everyone who loves to indulge in delicious food while cherishing the benefits of eating healthy.

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Our Foods

As tasty as they are nutritionally wholesome, these foods and menus are crafted with the global palate in mind while staying connected to the cultural roots unique to replace with every recipe we create.


Whether it is self-help societies in the Deccan, or womens’ communes from Uttarakhand, we are deeply engaged with our food growers and suppliers, who live and work by the philosophy of ‘natural farming’.

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Our People

Our core team, organically grown over the last decade, are experts in their own fields and live & breathe their passion for the mission of Vibrant Living.

We hope you love our foods as much as we enjoy making them!

-Team Vibrant Living

Being a Responsible Company

All our core team volunteer over 10% of their yearly time, for The Deliciously Healthy Foundation , working on ending all forms of malnutrition in Telangana.

Plot #107, Prashant Hills,Rai Durg, Telangana 500104

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