Continental Meal plan

Craving for lasagnas and burritos but afraid of the calories? We at Vibrant Living have travelled across continents to provide your fresh gourmet continental meals that satisfy your cravings. Our meals are completely plant based, gluten free, fiber rich providing you overall health, that strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, and raises your sense of well being whilst keeping your taste buds happy. Expect some world-class yet affordable meals your way everyday.

We have travelled all across countries to bring you hand crafted gourmet dishes that are elevated to enhance your taste buds using locally grown fresh ingredients. Our wholesome and super tasty continental meal will fulfil all your cravings for pesto and lasagne but with the sansity of being nutricious! We guarantee you the tastiest way to eat veggies and gain all the vitamins, proteins and minerals.

•            Made to order

•            Delivered fresh

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Please Note: The weekly menu is subject to change at regular intervals.

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