Vibrant Living 

From the pristine landscapes and fields of Florence, Tuscany, Florida and Toronto emerged an idea that was destined to find its glory in the heartland of India. An idea born out of passion that triggered an innate need to give food a new shape, a new dimension and a whole new meaning…

A hobby that was meant to care for a family's health and well being with food made from tender love and care, soon turned into a mission that expanded to several families that enjoy the magic of unspoilt nutrition in all its richness and reality.

Sridevi Jasti rolled up her sleeves and created a kitchen that would only serve the most authentic, nutritive and energetic food that would change the way people want to see their lives and health changing for the better. It started with the belief that healthy food must taste good and be enjoyed. And that people should gradually recognise the value of meaningful/mindful eating. Sridevi's mission has been to obtain the finest ingredients produced naturally, without any chemicals sniffing them or anything inorganic touching them.

And the goal has always been to never allow any fraction of the nutritive value dissipate in the handling, processing or the cooking process.

Sridevi's educational roots were firmly established as a highly qualified holistic nutritionist with immense passion for experimenting and tossing up the most enjoyable cuisine for those who love food. A creative and romantic journey that began as a hobby is making its way into the hearts of people as a habit they never want to quit…



Everyday holistic wellness really isn’t a myth. In fact, it is a simplistic lifestyle that anyone can adapt, provided the right guidance. That is exactly what we’re here to help you with!

Rediscover the vibrancy of life simply by discovering the magic of Mindful Eating. Mindful eating is about consciously choosing the ingredients that you use, where they come from and how they are prepared. A dedicated mindful eater will not only feel more energetic and happy, they will also secure a healthier and more vibrant future.

While cooking food, one must remember that the naturalness and the original nutritional value of ingredients should be retained during the entire process of sourcing to final preparation. Chosen ingredients needs to deliver a combined wholesome value of nutrition that helps the body maintain a healthy balance. And, last but not the least, the food has to taste great! Striking a perfect balance between organic goodness and uncompromised taste is exactly what we strive towards every day.

Vibrant Living Foods is about delivering wholesome value of health, wellness, enjoyment and positive feeling. It is about facilitating guiltless enjoyment of great food!



A balanced lifestyle requires focusing on both mental and physical health. At Vibrant Living, the objective is to help you create harmony and stability that allows you to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle and good health. Physical activity combined with mindful eating can ensure a greater level of happiness. 

Our one-day workshops are designed for the health food novice. This is where you can start your journey towards nutritious food that also looks and tastes wonderful.

Our Body, Mind and Spirit Workshops come down to teaching the art of mindful eating. It will help equip you to make good food choices and understand the impact of these choices on your physical and mental well-being. 

We will talk about the following issues:

Why ill-health seems to be increasing around us

Why switching to organic food is a good idea

What does vegan mean?

Is meat really bad for us?

What is the final verdict on milk and dairy products?

What are three white poisons in our daily diets?

Why processed foods are harmful for you and some satisfying alternatives

What is the story with fats and oils? What are good fats? What oils to use in the kitchen

What are antioxidants and free radicals?

How to deal with food allergies and sensitivities

How to break food addictions.

How to get skin that glows?

One-Day Workshop on Healthy Eating

In the course of the day, you will learn to:

Prepare a few healthy dishes that are tasty and easy to make

Extract maximum nutrition and flavor from your ingredients

Find high-quality, organic ingredients in Hyderabad

Nutrition-enhancing techniques like fermentation and extracting nut milks

Work with familiar and exotic vegetables and fruits in new ways

Cook and include millets and lentils in your meals

The workshop is intended to be hands-on, so you will work with the ingredients – touching, feeling, smelling, chopping, grating, mixing and of course, eating!


A Day in my Kitchen

Spend a day in my kitchen and be a part of the magical process of creating. Here are some of the areas we will cover:

Knowing about the variety of health-giving food available

Sourcing good quality, organic produce and groceries

Increasing the health quotient of your favorite traditional dishes

Cooking techniques that keep the nutrients in your food intact – like soaking, steaming, sprouting, fermentation and nut milk extraction

Healthy beverages like herbal tea infusions, smoothies and juices

Ideas for healthy meals, snacks and desserts

Must-have kitchen tools and where to get them