International Women’s Day!

8th March, the International Women’s day, kept me quite occupied! What a day I had filled with stories that inspired and amazed me. Vibrant Living was proud and honored to be featured at the first of its kind WE-Hub, which is an initiative by the Government of Telangana. It is India’s first state-led incubator exclusively for women entrepreneurs. I got a chance to inspire young women and tell them my story of Vibrant Living started as a passion. I am proud that Vibrant Living as a company started with a humble and selfish yet genuine interests to grow into a business that not only helps people be mindful about taking care of themselves, but also find beauty in connecting with nature, farmers, and understanding the need for sustainable living. I constantly do through my food, talks, videos, blogs, and posts to help everyone in the right direction of nutrition and lifestyles.

There were a couple of stories featured at WE-Hub who found inspiration through my work over the last few years. To be greeted with excitement and admiration by these ladies who already found their success, pushed me harder and stronger to a higher sense of responsibility to inspire others like them, more through my work and stories. And, it is always fun to see all these young and awe-filled girls take endless selfies with me, and be their hero of sorts!

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