Lunch Diet Plan


Various root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, together with beans are gently steamed to perfection & with a punch of home-grown basil, extra-virgin olive oil, some seeds & nuts served along with chickpeas & tomato salad. 

Buckwheat Crepes 

Buckwheat crepes are rolled in a creamy mushroom sauce, a nutritious & delicious alternative to gluten-free crepes, with a side of green salad.


Chitra Rajma  

Fiber-rich Chitra rajma & various veggies are cooked with coconut milk & made into a rich khurma served with millet roti & garden salad.


Lentil Burger 

Masoor lentil combined with mushrooms, carrots, different veggies cooked & baked into burgers & served with vegan salad, long with a side of healthy tomato ketchup & vegan mayonnaise sauce.


Rice Paper 

It’s a raw food dish, rice papers are rolled with seed & nut patte along with a mixture of vegetables like carrots, cucumber, zucchini noodles, sprouts, & green onions. Served with mint & coriander sauce, almond & orange sauce.

Beetroot Lasania 

A delectable dish where roasted beetroot slices are used as lasania pieces layered with vegan cheese sauce. Served with protein-rich beans salad with dressings.


Stuffed Capsicum 

Roasted capsicum stuffed with cooked lentils & millets then baked in inhouse tomato sauce & served with a garden salad.


Cabbage Rolls 

Cabbage layers are rolled with a delicious mix of vegetables & lentils, served with a side of poppy seed gravy & green salad.


Singhara Empanadas 

Singhara flour (water chestnut flour) is kneaded into empanadas & stuffed with veggies like mushrooms, carrots, spiced gently, & then baked to give an interesting meal. It is served with a side of vegetable salad.


Raw food Pizza

Guilt-free pizza indulgence, where seeds, nuts, & veggies together are molded into bread & dehydrated, that is used as the pizza base. Topped with regular toppings, comprises vegetables & your favorite sauces like vegan cheese, marinara & pesto sauce.


Curried Rajma 

Curried Rajma and Sweet potato served with big garden salad.

Jowar healthy Pulav

Made with jowar pearls gently cooked in coconut milk together with green peas, carrots, and flavored pulav spices, served with coconut & cucumber raita, green salad, & coriander mint sauce.


Quinoa walnut pulav

Super healthy & yummilicious quinoa walnut pulav is loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables, served with veg kurma.


Fermented vegan buttermilk pancakes 

Stuffed with Zukini, various seasonal greens are mixed in the fermented batter and made into immune-boosting pancakes served with green chili chutney.


 Falafel Moringa hummus

Falafel Moringa hummus served with sesame, lemon and tahini dressing served with a spicy ridge gourd chutney and coriander mint chutney.


Falafel beetroot hummus

Falafel beetroot hummus served with sesame, lemon and tahini dressing served with a spicy rich gourd chutney and coriander mint chutney.-