Possibly my most preferred offering, by kids and parents alike! Who doesn’t crave for a handful of crunchy and yummy treats in the evening, after school or work? Good intentions can come to a grinding halt when one gives in to fried, zero-nutrition options. Why not make the most of a craving? Make it wholesome, and make it pure. With my snacks, you’ll never go wrong, as long as you keep the quantities reasonable. Extreme care and hygiene is maintained in crafting these one-of-a-kind snacks. All nuts used were first soaked to get undesirable enzyme inhibitors out, then dried at low temperatures less than 45°C (similar to sun-drying) to preserve all the health-giving enzymes. The sweetening agents are either organic coconut jaggery, cane jaggery, dates or wildflower honey. (No refined sugar!) These are indeed high-nutrition delicacies! My snacks also come in delectable gift hampers, in both small and big sizes. We are equally happy to customize the beautiful hampers to your personal needs and wants!

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