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Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, I am Sridevi Jasti, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Founder-Entrepreneur at Vibrant Living Foods. A little about me first: I have studied nutrition at both bachelors and masters level, attended and given scores of seminars in India, Europe, Canada and North America, basically everywhere that I have lived in the past 3 decades! These years have been filled with food science and experiments and learning and growing. My experiences have led me to specialize in crafting healthy, gourmand foods and generating holistic lifestyles. My key strength is in understanding and living the philosophy that wholesome, clean foods have a daily and long-term effect on the human body and mind. I provide professional, individual and group counseling, talks and services, and personally, assist clients in determining their nutritional and lifestyle goals.

And now more about my beliefs and experiences: I feel charged with my personal mission of inspiring and empowering the maximum number of people choose mindful lifestyles and gain lively, happy and healthy lives. You can become healthier by adopting a life-changing and mindful shift to organic nutritious food. This conviction led me to found Vibrant Living, a company that produces high value and delicious vegan and gluten-free foods in Hyderabad. Not just Hyderabad, but my travels and long stays in various countries and continents give me very certain confidence that healthy food can indeed be tasty, in every place in the world. Be it Italy, Canada or North America, or Indians here in India or as diaspora elsewhere in the world, the struggles are real when it comes to integrating healthy foods. Some folks want guidance because the food they grew up with is very different from where they live now. Or even if one is local, a challenging and busy life disallows consuming foods made with slower methods of olden times.

My philosophy is that holistic health not only means a healthy lifestyle but also needs to include the awareness of how crops are grown and how soil is treated. More than ever before, humans are consuming a whole host of processed foods. And even a more natural food, say a tomato is coming from soil that is nutrition-deficit and that has been heavily sprayed with pesticides. The food chain shows how energy is transferred from one living being to another via food, and this chain has drastically changed over the last 50 years. Overharvesting, pollution, plastic, pesticides, preservatives, overuse of antibiotics….the list of food chain offenders is alarmingly long. Considering that most byproducts of these processes end up in our stomachs, it is imperative to slow down, and to inspect our food sources and to know what methods were used to harvest it and get that food to your table and plate. You must be aware of how your food was transported and how it was stored before you finally bought it!

And study after study shows that where we see an abundance of processed foods, we also see an increase in unhealthy weight gain and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. Processed food brings us convenience, yes, but its nutrition quotient is generally very low. And with a heavy caloric load, it packs a double whammy!

I say this often – I want people to feel the way I do about food. Since our eating habits are connected to our emotions, it is important that eating be an enjoyable experience and at the very minimum not be punishing. Many prescribed diets are too challenging and hence failing because they feel too restrictive and unappealing. Positive and healthful changes are possible only when a person integrates *tasty* nutrition in their lifestyle along with exercise and employing a positive mindset. Healthy transformation is nearly impossible when one is dreading a start, or again welcoming an end to a trendy, limiting ‘diet’.

My palette, passion, and experiences allow me to visualize unique and creative dishes with fresh, natural and organic ingredients using simple, minimalist preparation techniques. Processed foods tax our bodies, accelerate aging, damage organs and can even cause cancer in the long run. Natural foods are much easier on our systems considering we are an extension of the same Mother Nature that provides our body fuel. I consider myself a reverent food lover and believe in the ‘pure, simple food as medicine’ thought. We can indeed halt and even reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, and heart and metabolic diseases. Of course, one must commit to significant lifestyle changes and this is where a professional can help guide you while keeping it interesting and fun!

These beliefs are key to Vibrant Living’s daily offerings to many clients in Hyderabad, who receive ‘Healthy & Tasty’ breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It is an incredibly convenient and innovative service where pure, organic, antioxidant-rich, high fiber and health-giving nutrition is delivered at people’s doorsteps. My online store features the same convenience at the click of a button. My clients are from diverse backgrounds and have very specific goals and needs, and I am happy to say I have achieved great results with them, be it celebrities, politicians, professionals, homemakers or the youth!

I look forward to a healthy partnership with you!