Amaranth Puffs 100Gms



Jowar Flour - 1 Kg


We first soak our grains, then dry and make flour. The quality of the roti really depends on the flour. Jowar, cholam or sorghum, this ancient cereal grain has gained popularity due to its absence of gluten, a protein found in wheat...

Jowar Ravva - 1 Kg


We make ravva our of soaked jowar fresh in small batches. These are excellent for jowar idlis, kichidis, porridges, upmas etc...

Sun-dried Tomatoes 100Gms


Seasons most flavourful tomatoes are dehydrated to give you the best of what tomatoes has to offer. Rehydrate them in a little water and use them in your sauces etc. Sun-Dried tomatoes are a good source Vitamin C and have much more iron than either b..

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