Amaranth Puffs 100Gms



Amla Powder



Bajra Millet - 1 Kg


Bajra is in our opinion is one of the tastiest of all millet varieties. Soak them at night and cook as you would cook rice or use them in your idlis, dosas, rotis, kitchidis etc. Bajra kichidi in winters is probably the most comforting food. We at Vi..

Barnyard Millet - 1 Kg


One of the easiest millet variety to cook. Use it in place of your rice, add them to your dosa mix. Make kitchidi or paayasam. Choices are endless. It has a lot of fibre so it is excellent for people with diabetes so as most of the millets...

Basmati Rice Brown - 1 Kg


One of our favs and it is India’s pride. Use it as you would your white basmati but twice the amount of water to the grain and helps to soak it for a couple of hours before cooking...

Basmati Rice White - 1 Kg


Occasionally to enjoy a good pulav/biryani is not a sin. Use our organic basmati rice and create your favourite dishes...

Bengal Roasted Gram - 1 Kg


One of the easiest pulses to use in chutneys, powders, desserts and curries. They are awesome even on their own or with a little salt and masala over them...

Black Eyed Peas - 1 Kg


Soak your beans overnight. Then remove the foam from cooking the legumes that has phytic acid which makes digestion hard. Or simply change the water after the foam is formed. Use new batch of water and cook as you would normally...

Black Pepper - 50 Gms



Black Raisins - 100Gms


washed and dried - Kismis/ raisins are not only delicious but also a source of iron and have more potassium, per serving, than bananas. Grapes are of the most sprayed of all fruits. So, raisins are very important that they are organic. Our raisins ar..

Black Rice - 1 Kg


Rich in iron, vitamin E and antioxidants. Black rice is one of the richest in anthocyanins of any foods. It is like eating berries. Excellent to make kheer with coconut milk and palm jaggery. You can find a recipe for this on our social media...

Brown Chick Pea - 1 Kg



Cardamom Green - 1 Kg



Cashew Whole - 1 Kg


Probably the most loved nuts by children and adults alike. These, when soaked and ground into a nice paste are a great substitute for dairy cream...

Chana Dal Split - 1 Kg


This dal derived from chick peas is high in protein and B-group vitamins. Soak it overnight and use it in your dals, soup etc. soaking makes them easy to digest...

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