Indianized Meal plan

We at Vibrant Living provide you with the healthiest traditional plant-based diet that include some of the freshest vegetables and grains that are home grown to give your body all the nutrients it needs. Your everyday organic lunches from Vibrant Living will have wholesome plates of delicious goodness in form of various varieties of regional curries,  our childhood favorite dal preparations made of hand pounded sustainably grown heirloom pulses, chutneys and sauces spiked with local superfoods such as moringa, seeds and nuts. Your vegetables are presented in raw, steamed, stir-fried or curried fun ways. Low glycemic grains and our own millets are used to complete your meal. Expect some fun ways to have healthy and tasty foods in comforting ways everyday.

From our kitchen to your table we bring you flavours that you already know off in a more alluring plant-based diet for your healthy lifestyle. Allow us to play the role of your loved ones by serving you a meal that is high in Nutrients and Energy that are necessary for your body.

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Please Note: The weekly menu is subject to change at regular intervals.

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