Organic Jewel Trail Mix 150gms


A bestseller, this mix is a perfect recipe of deliciousness, nutrition, and good times. A delectable combination of dried mulberries, mangoes, raisins, dates, figs, almonds and pistachios – enjoy this fun mix straight from the pack or for baking purp..

Organic Mexican Corn Cilantro Crackers 150gms


Cilantro, or what we call coriander leaves as well as its seeds, detoxifies our body from heavy metals. They are great for our digestive and nervous systems and also boost heart and kidney health. These, with the nutritious fresh corn, make for de..

Organic Nut & Seed Chikki 150gms


Organically grown, sun dried, nuts and seeds are naturally sweetened, mixed together, and composed into chikki bars. Pack these for the children’s snacks times or hand them over for afternoon tidbits to load up on the much needed fibres and protein...

Organic Nut Seeds & Lentil Namkeen Mix 100gms


This is another of our signature family love that has been designed to unite the entire family over food, say tea time. A healthy mix of protein – lentils, nuts and seeds - spiced with organically grown herbs and spices are best had over friendly con..

Organic Pumpkin & Sesame Seed Chikki 150gms


You need the manganese in pumpkin and sesame seeds to prevent osteoporosis or loss of bone density over age, and also to help your thyroid gland and nervous system function well. Did you know sesame seeds have four times more calcium than that in cow..

Organic Wild Flower Honey 500gms


Honey is one of the best natural preservatives available in nature and we use it to sweeten and preserve our fresh and organic food too. Our honey comes from the hills and forests of Uttarakhand where it is farmed following a natural process. VLF..

Sesame Halwa Spread 200gms


Organic sesame is combined with coconut jaggery and spiced with the flagrant goodness of pure and fresh vanilla pods to create this spread. Sesame seeds are exceptionally rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, calcium, and vitamin B1 and E, a..

Sesame Tahini 250gms



Spicy Crunchy Almonds 150gms


Soaked and dried organic almonds are spiced to add some zing and flavor to your regular day. This healthy snack is packed with protein and nutrients and is perfect for any time of the day. If you tend to have a low blood pressure, keep them in yo..

Spicy Crunchy Walnuts 150gms


Organically grown wild walnuts are soaked overnight and slow dried in the sun before sprucing them up with a compatible organic spice mix to make these perfect for the tea and snack times when you crave for something with a zing...

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds 100gms


Dive into the goodness of proteins and unsaturated fats like Omega-3 with seeds of naturally grown pumpkins coated with organic spices. Keep this snack in air-tight containers and use it to tackle hungerpangs over chai-time, to pack for your children..

Sweet Cinnamon Almonds 150gms


Protein-rich and chock full of nutrients, these almonds have been soaked and dried before they are naturally sweetened and coated in cinnamon. Soaking almonds help your body to absorb its nutrients more easily, while cinnamon aids weight loss. VL..

Walnut and Date Bars 250gms


Dates have more potassium, per serving, than bananas. They are rich in magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and phosphorus. Mash them with mineral and anti-oxidant rich walnuts, and you have the perfectly potent snack that helps fight off age and boos..

Walnuts 150gms


Loaded with protein, and rich in Omega 3, and various other precious nutrients, walnuts have proved to be anti-aging and prevent cancer and inflammatory diseases. It’s also great for your heart. You know by now that VLF soaks and dries its nuts be..

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