What is slow food?

Slow food is a movement that began about 3 decades ago in Italy with the objective of preserving local culinary traditions and caring for biodiversity within the community. It aims at promoting local produce from seeds that retain their original organic nature and grown in soil without the use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is a celebration of local cuisine made from local produce whilst protecting and retaining nature’s bounty in its pristine form.

Is it true that healthy food of such kind that vibrant living provides, is usually not great in taste?

It is a general perception that food that is ‘good for health’ does not taste good. At Vibrant Living we believe that food must be enjoyed whilst being healthy, pure and good for your body. Sridevi’s passion has been to create tasty food made from pure, healthy ingredients. Her food is laced with gentle, flavourful spices that are carefully hand-crafted. Her recipes are quite special and her preparation quite magical!

How are the ingredients available in vibrant living different from the ones available in the market?

Most of the ingredients especially vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils are organic and sourced from the finest origins, whether local or from across the country or abroad. Strict quality control is enforced to ensure freshness and high nutritional value. No preservatives or additives are used ever! Only sun drying or dehydrating in clean environment is used for nuts and seeds. Sridevi uses the same ingredients for her personal use and for her family.


How quick is the delivery service provided by vibrant living?

Deliveries are made to homes and offices as required and these are done three times a day or less depending upon the orders. For example, mid morning juices or smoothies are received before 9:30 AM, lunches by 1 PM and dinners by 7.00 PM. There is an efficient team for delivery and the logistics are well planned to ensure freshness and warmness of the food.


Are the tools used in making organic food different from the usual ones?

The kitchens at Vibrant Living use modern equipment (local and imported) that is suited for the type of preparation handled. Most of the preparation is done by trained hands manually to achieve authentic results and equipment is used only where it does not affect the quality or purity or nutritive value of food prepared.


What is ‘mindful eating’?

‘Mindful eating is all about being aware of your food habits. It is not about dieting or denial but choosing the right mix of food that suits your system. It is necessary to recognize the appropriate blend of nutrition and nourishment the body needs and manage the intake for a healthy lifestyle. The body and mind must work in good harmony to be fresh and alert all day. Avoiding what is not useful and adopting what is good for you can make all the difference.


Does the cooking process affect Organic food?

It is absolutely essential to preserve and protect the nutritional content of ingredients from minimal loss during food preparation. At Vibrant Living the creation of food uses methods appropriate to the ingredients. Leaving them in their raw state, steaming where required, sprouting or carefully sun drying or dehydrating etc are some of the techniques used as required by the vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds. Frying is never done as it is harmful for health. The point of difference at Vibrant Living lies in the process and careful handling of every ingredient. As such the food remains totally unaltered in its basic nutritive value.


Do you provide special consultation to people suffering from maladies such as diabetes?

Sridevi Jasti is primarily a holistic nutritionist who advises people on how they can manage their dietary needs. She is therefore highly qualified to advise her clients on nutritional aspects that influence their health and well being including managing diabetes through appropriate nutritional intake.


How can I enrol for one of your workshops?

Workshops are held in small groups periodically. Participants get to learn all about healthy and mindful eating besides hands-on training on some useful recipes that they can prepare at home. You can be closely in touch with this website and Sridevi’s facebook page for updates on upcoming sessions and book a place by filling the form on this website in the section ‘workshops and consultation.’

You can also make an appointment for personal consultation if the need is important or urgent.


Is the daily meal menu fixed for each day of the week? Do I get to customize my meals?

The regular daily menu is carefully determined by Sridevi. However individual requests can be made giving at least 24 hour notice. The facility for customization of meals will be introduced shortly and announced on this website when ready.


How can I book a consultation appointment with you?

You can call mobile: +91 8096091111 between 10 AM and 4 PM to book an appointment.


Are all your food products completely vegan-friendly?



Do any of your food products contain preservatives or additives?

None at all!


Do you take Corporate Orders and Party Orders?

Yes we do. Please call +91 8096091111 or send your requirement by email to sridevilife@gmail.com a few days prior so we can interact and work out details. We have also been receiving Party Orders for weddings, private home parties, company Board Meetings and corporate get-togethers.


Can you share more information about your Detox Programs?

Detox programs are held periodically (every 3 months) and you can enrol for them by responding to announcements on this website or Sridevi’s facebook page. These are normally for 7, 14 and 21 days. You will receive all food, juices, soups etc as part of this program besides a couple of interactions with Sridevi during the period. Earlier participants have found Detox plans extremely invigorating, rejuvenating and energizing. Many have also reported intended weight loss and a feeling of blissful lightness.