15 small daily steps that can make this planet greener

15 small daily steps that can make your life and this planet greener



Intro: I’ll develop this at the end after the points are finalised


1.   Start the day with wheatgrass:

2.   Follow up with an activity:

3.   Comb your home to remove single-use plastics. Use eco-friendly options, such as cloth bags instead plastic ones, glass straws in place plastic straws, clay or steel pots or bottles instead of plastic bottles.

4.   Go outdoors at least once daily:

5.   Reuse water in order to stop wastage:

6.   Use eco-friendly options to cook, serve and store in the kitchen:

7.   Use soap nuts to wash your hair or clothes:

8.   Use natural scrubs and herbs (tamarind, etc) to shine your skin: 

9.   Rely more on the pressure cooker to cook fast, clean and green by saving energy: talk about the OPOS briefly

10.Use cold pressed oils to use the good fat:

11.Sun-dry your food instead of oven drying or frying:   

12.Avoid store bought processed food: First to avoid consuming preventives, additives, and also to avoid using the plastic

13.Buy vegetables and fruits from the local vendor or farmer’s market and not from superstores:

14.Buy organic or grow your own:

15.Wear handlooms 

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