Organic Food Market

Make it a habit to source your food on your own every week, invest some time to get your dose of well-being. Selecting the food items by seeing and touching feels so lively and so satisfying! Vibrant Living Foods is hosting an open market, every Saturday and making easy to source your needs of food. At our market, you can get the locally-grown fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, verified and finest quality groceries, and holistic lifestyle supporting eco-friendly products. You can also grab some sauces and spreads to make your boring meals tasty. Come and explore our organic world, a huge variety of food options and relish some snacks, drinks, etc. and take your favorite ones!

Get some health tips from the Holistic nutritionist-Sridevi Jasti, and we also have cooking workshops one every 2nd Saturday where you will be learning cooking basics and various delicious and healthy recipes!

To register, please contact us