Love. Pure and simple.

Raised in the heart of agrarian India

Many of us at Vibrant Living were and still are village kids at heart. Growing up surrounded by lush crops changing with the seasons, feeling the connection with soil, weather, water and the food that you eat.

And the foods that we ate - naturally farmed, locally sourced and made at home in the traditional ways by mothers, aunts and grandmas. And sometimes helped by dads and uncles too. 

Oh! And did we mention love? Yes, that helped a whole lot too!

Steeped in the spirit of sustainable lifestyles

Spending summers with grandparents, riding on bullock carts through villages and into fields, watching centuries old farming practices, holidaying with self-sustaining rural communities - All these and more experiences ingrained in us a deep respect and faith in the values of intergenerational wisdom and the interconnectedness of nature, individuals and communities. 

We like to think it is this awareness and orientation that instantly re-connected us to the ever burgeoning movement of healthy, wholistic and sustainable living since the last several decades.

Leading to lifetime journeys in wholistic wellbeing

Such deeply personal childhood experiences gravitated us towards lifetime journeys and careers in health and wholistic wellbeing.

The core team of Vibrant Living and especially the founder Sridevi have over the last three decades, steered her life course of education and career focused on wholistic nutrition and wellbeing.

While pursuing her master's in at the University of Toronto in Canada, Sridevi has taken an irrevocable turn towards a wholistic lifestyle - be it food, fitness,  travel or  natural birth to name a few.

Learning from the cornucopia of cultures around the world

Wether it is being embedded with the locals of Tuscany for months at a time on every visit; Or being  part of the then emerging underground food scene in Florida and New York - experiencing diverse cultures from within - helped in giving a unique perspective in approaching all things life. 

Having family with roots across diverse regions of India and for that matter across the globe helps too. Helping in understanding how different cultures approach their cuisines, health and lifestyles. 

Last but not least is the ancient and traditional wisdoms steeped in centuries if not millennia of experience - from our  indigenous Ayurveda to Naturopathy as practiced by many native cultures across the globe.

This culminated as our core philosophical approach - To blend the best of modern science with the accrued wisdom from across global cultures! And we are super stoked about it as always!

We still end up being the only crazy ones in a group sometimes - to talk about the Whole Earth Catalogue, or the Jain tradition requiring the food to be cooked with love, or the ethereal beauty of a freshly harvested amaranth seed...

Nearing a decade of pioneering presence in the city of gourmands... 

Imagine uttering the words 'Vegan', 'Wholistic', 'Natural Lifestyle', 'Wholesome' etc. in a room full of people over a decade ago in Hyderabad? Yes, we sure did get some weird looks, Outlandish indeed.

And that's when we started the Vibrant Living journey In Hyderabad, India just about a decade ago.

What started as dinners for friends and family, grew into nutrition counselling for extended friends and families. The repeated demands for nutritious, wholesome food soon lead us to start daily gourmet meals and smoothies. The crazy demand for smoothies lead to more people asking about more food. And then we started making snacks. And that lead to people asking where we get our grains and oils. You get the idea!

Vibrant Living now has four passionately run enterprises - Ready to Eat Snacks, Ready to Make Foods including Breakfast Mixes, a Deli that evolved along the lines of the delicatessens of yore in Europe and a Café serving all that we make for our friends and families alike.