Dinner Diet Plan

Black Beans Soup

Hearty protein-rich Black Beans Soup packed with black beans, seasonal veggies, & organic herbs & spices served with jowar roti.

Amaranth & Green Beans Soup

Protein & calcium-rich amaranth seeds are cooked together with various vegetables & green beans nicely made into a satiating, hearty, & healthy soup that keeps you full.

Black Rice Noodles Soup

Homemade black rice noodles boiled in the broth of greens, lemongrass, & gourds, served with flaxseed & black sesame crackers.

Barley Mushroom soup 

Typical Eastern European soup made with barley & locally grown organic mushrooms served with sun-dried tomato crackers. Simple yet so satiating, perfect for monsoons. 

Cream of Peas Soup 

Luscious-textured & flavorful protein-rich soup where peas are put together with vegetable broth, potatoes, & cream. Totally a deliciously thick creamy soup. 

Lentil & Tomato Soup

Masoor lentil & tomatoes together with radishes are cooked into a hearty soup & served with millet roti.

Vegan Kadhi Soup 

Interesting version of conventional kadhi, this is a delicious blend of coconut yogurt, all kinds of gourds, white pumpkin, & dotted with rajma to meet the protein need. 

Borscht Soup

Delightful ethnic Eastern European vegan soup & don’t judge by its color as it comes in bright pink. Highly nutritious & comforting classic soup made with cabbage, beets, & potatoes. 

Broccoli Soup

Seasonal fresh broccoli is pureed into a brilliant green yet delicious soup & served with flaxseed Mexican corn cilantro crackers. 

Roasted Bellpepper Soup

This vibrant & flavorful soup hits you at every level, bell peppers are roasted, gently cooked with herbs & spices, & pureed into a luxurious soup served with Chitra rajma. 

Mixed Beans Soup

Hearty mixed beans soup that warns your body & the soul. Great comforting soup, combining a variety of beans from chithapalli & vegetables, served with millet roti.

Mediterranean mixed veg soup

Delicious & cozy mixed vegetable soup cooked with Mediterranean spices and seasoned with herbs, topped with walnuts and drizzled with olive oil.

Masoor dal soup

Masoor dal, carrot, & rich gourd made into soup served with ragi roti.

Red masoor dal Soup

Red masoor dal, carrot, potatoes, radish served with millet roti.

Pumpkin Potato Hearty Soup

Treat your taste buds with nourishing, satisfying and hearty soup made of pumpkin, potato, rajma, and seasonal greens.

Vibrant Tomato soup

Hearty silky, & flavorful tomato soup made with the freshest ingredients with a slight touch of carrot, & topped with olive oil and basil and served with sun-dried tomato crackers.