Breakfast Diet Plan

Black rice Idiyappam 

Inspired by Kerala cuisine, incredibly delicious fresh black rice idiyappam made with sweetened coconut milk & lemongrass broth topped with some nuts & raisins.


Jowar Idli 

Nutrient-dense millet Jowar idli catered with coconut & soaked almond chutney, also with sweet & spicy ginger chutney. Totally a simple & comforting breakfast!



Deliciously soft & fluffy baked pongadalu made with the concoction of millets & urad dal, that are served with coconut almond chutney & Ginger chutney.


Millet Dosa 

An absolute comfort breakfast with a healthy twist! Multi millets fermented with urad dal and served with tasty ginger chutney & coconut almond chutney.


Millet Porridge 

Intensely nutritious, flavorful, & protein-packed breakfast porridge made with malted multi millets & combined with organic coconut jaggery & dried bananas, drizzled with some dry fruits.


Indian Oats Upma

Traditional upma with a healthy twist of Indian oats, the yuvva semolina served with a slice of lemon along with spicy sesame chutney!


Panera palm & Buckwheat Pancakes

Lightly sweet pancakes made with Panera palm & buckwheat served with chopped nuts & with a side of sweet creamy nut ganache-basically a sweet dip made with soaked cashews, dates, & flavored with cardamom. 


Raagi Idlis

Don’t be scared with the color, these are the most delicious & nutritious filling given with a side of coconut almond chutney & spicy ginger chutney.


Savory Muffins

Soft savory muffins made with seasonal fresh veggies & gluten-free whole grain flour blended with savory spices like rosemary, garlic & served with tasty sauces & curry leaf chutney.



Satiating & super healthy breakfast to start your day! Tasty traditional sprouted pesarattu gives you authentic taste but not heavy feeling. Served with ginger chutney.


Buckwheat Aaloo Paratha With Moringa Chutney

Enjoy the gluten-free buckwheat Aaloo paratha spread with superfood Moringa and sesame chutney given with vegan coconut Raita and garden salad.


Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding

Best ever treat to your sweet tooth!! A luscious low calorie and the tasty pudding is made by mixing grated steamed Sweet potato, soaked raisins and chia seeds soaked in almond milk with pomegranate and pistachio on the topping.


Cecina – Vegetarian Omelet

Chickpea flour loaded with vegetable (carrot, sweet potato, cabbage, etc) is made into dough and baked into flatbread and served with spicy tomato chutney and garden salad along with mint coriander raw food chutney which is a blend of green mango and dates.


Pesala Cecina

Pesala Cecina is basically a protein-rich pesarattu stuffed & baked with lots of vegetables.


Signature millet muesli

A bowl full of dried fruits, seasonal fresh fruits, nuts, mixed with puffed millets & poured over with sweet fruit vegan yogurt.


Millet and coconut yogurt daddojanam

Millet & vegan coconut yogurt daddojanam served with fermented vegetables (sauerkarut) with a side of spicy ginger chutney


Moong dal kheer

Moong dal, millet together with coconut, jaggery, and nuts are made into a nice luxurious kheer.