Snack Basket

The holiday season is the perfect time to sit back and relax in the company of family and friends. It is the time to take a break, indulge a little, celebrate and enjoy food, instead of fearing it.  My Holiday Snack Basket is the perfect healthy accompaniment for a cosy chat over a cup of hot tea or for a lively get-together over an evening drink.

Each Snack Basket is filled with 5 healthy and delicious sets of goodies. Here is what you can expect to find:

Organic Preserved Walnuts in Wild Flower Honey: These walnuts have been sourced from the pristine environs of Uttarakhand and are organic and wild-crafted. Enjoy them by the spoonful on their own or along with tea. 

Organic Sesame Halva Spread: This delicious spread is made with organic sesame, coconut sugar and pure vanilla pod.  Enjoy this spread on any flat bread or spread it on fresh fruit like bananas.

Organic Spiced Crunchy Walnuts: Sweet, salty, and spicy – this snack has the perfect balance of flavors. Their crispy texture does not derive from being fried; instead they are carefully soaked and dried. 

Organic Jewels Trail Mix: This has got to be the cleanest, tastiest and healthiest dried fruit and nut mix ever! It is a delicious combination of dried mulberries, mangoes, raisins, dates, figs, almonds, and pistachios. The mangos and mulberries have been sourced fresh when in season and carefully dried in my work kitchen.

Cashew Crusted Organic Popped Grains: This snack features raw cashews and jaggery caramelized popped jowar and amaranth.

As is the practice in my kitchen, the nuts and seeds used in the snacks are soaked and then carefully dehydrated to maximize both their inherent nutrition and their natural flavors and textures. All the dried fruits are also thoroughly washed and dried.

These five snacks have been put together in a basket designed out of sturdy paper and decorated with vegetable dyes. You can take it along for a picnic, or gift it to a friend. It would also be great to have these lying around in the house as healthy snack options for the kids during the holidays. If you are entertaining, they pair well with hot tea, herbal infusions or mulled wine.

Enjoy the holidays with these Guiltless Indulgences. Open the basket and dig in!

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