How Standard Food & Drinks can Rob You of Great Health, Energy & How My Food do the Opposite

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This might be the most important health-related information you’ll ever read. I know you might be skeptical, once you’ve read it to the end, I think you will agree with me! Many of my clients feel that this information has been life-changing for them and I want to make sure many more people hear this message and reap the great benefits for themselves! 

Eating and dieting fads and trends come and go, but the “Going back to the basics” idea, which is the bedrock of the health food movement started over 100 years ago and still going strong!  And now that it’s all the rage among the Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities (who are under constant pressure to keep looking young and beautiful), it’s more popular than ever. 

11 Big Benefits of Eating More

“Food Which Looks Food”

Think about what prepared food frequently looks like. Does it look like real food or not? What does it contain? Most people who take the time to think about these will be amazed at how far from “real food” today’s society has strayed. 

On the other hand, when food is prepared with the freshest ingredients, food which is naturally loaded with nutrients, food whose goodness you can see, smell and taste – then here’s what you can expect:

  • Gives you the nutrients you need to prevent and even reverse many diseases, including chronic ones

  • Live a longer and much healthier life. So not just adding “years to your life” but adding many more happy, productive and disease-free years!

  • Recover from an illnesses much quicker

  • Gain more energy & stop feeling lethargic after eating, which a common complaint people have

  • Feel AND look younger & slow down your aging as your body is rejuvenated.

  • Acquire better immunity and be able to better resist viral, bacterial and other infections.

  • Lose weight, gain control over cravings or maintain your ideal weight. 

  • Improve your digestion and gut health (the colon is one of the body’s “first lines of defense” against many kinds of bacteria and pathogens).

  • Give your body the much-needed nutrients to successfully counter heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other health challenges.

  • Stop feeling heavy, bloated or lethargic after meals 

  • Give a great example and be a role model to your children instilling good eating habits for life.

You Should Never Have to Sacrifice Good Taste to Get Health-Giving Food! 

You Should Always Aim For BOTH!

My food philosophy is simple. Many foods taste great but are not good for your health. Many other foods are great for your health but taste awful. 

There really are many foods which taste great and are good for your health at the same time! Who says you have to choose one or the other? I sure don’t, and see no reason why others should compromise on taste to get the yummy foods they enjoy. 

More about this in a minute…

14 Reasons Why “Everyday Food” Can Be Bad for Your Health & Energy Levels

The “everyday food” which most people consume on a daily basis is sapping their energy levels, making them sick, overweight and literally “attracts” all sorts of diseases, many times chronic or deadly ones. The food choices we face daily are frequently:

  • High in unhealthy saturated fats which can lead to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

  • High in calories (empty calories with little or no nutrition).

  • Frequently fried and containing the dreaded trans fats. Formed when vegetable oils are fried with. Here’s more facts about trans fats:

    • So harmful to our health, that they’re banned in restaurants of New York City and various other parts of the US, Switzerland & Denmark. 

    • They increase the risk of heart disease, increase the levels of the “bad” LDL cholesterol & decrease the levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol

    • Trans fats greatly contribute to the formation of excess “free radicals” in the body which are directly linked to cancer. Trans fats can lead to a 75% increase in breast cancer, and an increase in prostate cancer and other cancers. 

    • Trans fats can lead to weight gain, obesity, depression, liver dysfunction, infertility in women and other health problems.

  • Highly processed foods which have been shown to cause many chronic illnesses, unnecessary weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure due to processed foods’ usually high salt content, low energy and tiredness, etc.

  • Lacking in nutrients or health benefits or providing little of the things your body really NEEDS for vibrant health and disease prevention.

  • Loaded with what’s been called “3 White Poisons”:

    • White flour        

    • Sugar        

    • Salt

  • Containing artificial colorings and dyes which can slowly rob you of good health and some of them can interact with your DNA and cause cell mutations (which can lead to cancer & other diseases)

  • Containing artificial flavours (which are much cheaper than natural ones) which don’t allow you to truly taste the food’s natural flavors and dull your taste buds. Some of them are also bad for your health, in the long run. 

  • Loaded with preservatives and “unpronounceable ingredients” which ensure that food can stay on shelves for months and even years. Imagine what it contains to be able to do that to ordinary food…

  • Excitotoxins like flavour enhancers MSG, hydrolyzed protein, glutamate, and many others which have been demonstrated to cause eye and brain problems in both adults and children.

  • Additives put into food which frequently have just a few months of testing on animals and whose safety is unknown, at best, and harmful over the long term, at worst.

  • Ingredients which don’t have to be disclosed by food manufacturers. For example many, even well-known manufacturers of soups, juices and sauces are allowed to put chemicals in foods that are able to mask bitter flavors by turning off bitter flavor receptors on the tongue and thereby enhancing salty and sweet flavors. Do you really want “undisclosed” secret ingredients in your food which manipulate the way your senses and your brain work?

All these ingredients rob you of the vibrant health and energy you deserve, reduce your immunity, lifespan and quality of life and frequently begin or speed up the onset of various diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Diabetes is already so common in India but now its incidence is rapidly growing, as more and more people in India “discover” such food.

The Solution is Actually Simpler Than You Think

Avoiding these unhealthy foods and food ingredients does not mean that what will be left over is just food devoid of good taste! 

You can still eat great and tasty foods by practicing what I call “Mindful Eating”. It means thinking about what you actually put into your body, the food, the ingredients, healthy cooking methods, etc. 

It’s about being mindful of the fact that food choices you make every day don’t’ just make a difference in how you feel after the meal but are paramount for long-term health.

Another idea is try to have some of your meals made by me and my dedicated team. The prepared meals we offer are delivered to you fresh each day (to your home or office) with a detailed description of how special is each of the ingredients! 

You can indeed taste the LOVE and wholesome goodness I put into all my food! It’s not just convenient, healthy and organic but also GREAT tasting, as always.  

At this time I only do morning superfood smoothies, healthy lunches and Guiltless Indulgences™ deserts and snacks but if you are signed up to receive my updates, I’ll let you know when I will be able to provide dinners, catering and other meals. 

All the great-for-you ingredients I use are carefully sourced from organic and highest quality producers. Such ingredients are difficult to find in India and for years I’ve been looking for reliable ways to bring these high-quality, nutrient-rich and “exotic” ingredients to Hyderabad! My food is always made with organic ingredients just like I do for my own family.

Organic produce means that chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the growing of the produce! In India, chemical pesticides are a serious problem with much of the vegetables, fruits, and berries sold in stores.  Additionally, organic produce tends to have higher amounts of various nutrients and much higher quantities of antioxidants (to fight excess free radical fighters!) than non-organic foods. Some studies even show that organic produce is more flavorful in a side-by-side analysis.  Imagine how excited I feel to be able to eat so many local organic ingredients in Hyderabad!

Delicious Superfood Morning Smoothies & Satisfying Organic Lunches Conveniently Delivered to Your Home or Office Daily

My daily meals, smoothies and snacks are loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, heart-healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients. Your body will thank you for feeding it such tasty and nourishing food! 

All my Vibrant Living™ anti-oxidant-rich food and smoothies are packed with natural goodness you can really taste in very bite! It’s also never processed, alkaline-forming, high in fiber, and prepared with lots of LOVE and of course skill, knowledge & know-how I accumulated in the U.S., Canada and Italy over the last 20 years. 

My food is vegan for maximum health benefits and never has added sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients of any kind and is always packed with nutrient-rich super healthy foods, soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds, superfoods, and only things which are good for your health & don’t leave you feeling heavy but rather full of vibrant positive energy you crave.

The food preparation standards I use area always far beyond those used in North America! For example, all surfaces of fruits and vegetables we use are washed & sterilized prior to usage using sophisticated imported equipment. When occasionally there’s an ingredient that’s not obtainable as organic, my equipment is even able to removes most of the pesticides or other chemicals from the surface of the produce! Furthermore, all the counter space is scanned with high-tech UV equipment to disinfect all cutting and processing surfaces, etc. In India this level of commitment to such high hygiene standards is almost unheard of.  However, it’s the standards I have for my own family and see no reason why you wouldn’t deserve the same piece of mind! 

I never add to my food any ingredients which are so common in food today like sugar, white flour, saturated fats, fried ingredients and trans facts, high salt content, high-calorie-but-no-nutrient ingredients, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or anything else which can rob you of vibrant health & energy, reduce your immunity, lifespan or quality of life!

Who Is Sridevi Jasti?

I’m passionate about great tasting & healthy food. I have studied and experimented for over 20 years to perfect my skills. Now, I want to share my secrets for eating healthy and delicious meals every day.

After studying nutrition at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, I founded a business with my husband in the U.S.  The success of our company has allowed us to explore the world extensively. 

Until two years ago, when we decided to move to Hyderabad, I’ve lived for over 20 years abroad, dividing my time between Toronto, Canada, Miami, USA and Florence, Italy, while travelling around the world learning about healthy cooking from experts in each locale and perfecting my techniques and skills. 

I have taught many classes, over the years, on gourmet raw foods, authentic Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican and fusion cuisines. I constantly develop recipes of exciting new, healthy, tasty foods. 

Currently, I’m the Holistic Nutrition Expert at Apollo Wellness Center or as my colleagues affectionately refer to me as “celebrity nutritionist” because of my celebrity clients in Tollywood, Bollywood, among politicians & their families and other health-conscious individuals. 

I have been featured in Eenadu, ETV, B Positive Magazine, You and I Magazine, India Today and other publications. I’m now writing a book scheduled to come out in March 2013 entitled Healthy Gourmet Everyday: How to Make Your Meals Twice as Healthy Without Extra Work. 

I see how much healthy tasty cooking is needed here in Hyderabad. I know that many people want to detox, lose weight, look and feel younger and to live more vibrantly, but many don’t know how to start or what to do.  The good news is that learning what you need to know is simpler than you think! 

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