How Nutrition Can Prevent and Even Help Reverse Breast Cancer

Nutrition: A powerful tool for prevention of cancer, during the treatment phase and during the recovery process

  • The importance of keeping your body alkaline, as acidity breeds disease.

  • The 4 key food groups for beating cancer: fruits & vegetables, grains, legumes and good fats.

  • Appropriate, healthy and locally available foods within each group practical tips on treating these ingredients in ways that maximize their goodness and minimise nutrient loss. 

  • Foods to eat during chemotherapy and radiation when appetite is low and the body find it hard to retain food. 

  • Getting the digestive processes, which are compromised during the treatment, back on track

  • Combating the weight loss caused by the therapies and maintaining an ideal weight

  • Boosting the body’s immunity and the supplements that can help

  • Importance of Vitamin D in cancer prevention

Sridevi is passionate about great tasting and healthy food. She studied and experimented for over 20 years to perfect her skills. Now, she wants to share her secrets for eating healthy and delicious meals every day. After studying nutrition at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, she founded a health products business with her husband in the US. The success of their company has allowed her to explore the world extensively. Until two years ago, when they decided to move to Hyderabad, she lived for over 20 years abroad, dividing her time between Toronto, Canada, Miami, USA and Florence, Italy, while travelling around the world learning about healthy cooking from experts in each locale and perfecting her techniques and skills.

She had taught many classes, over the years, on gourmet raw foods, authentic Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican and fusion cuisines. She constantly develop recipes of exciting new, healthy, tasty foods.

Until recently, she was the Holistic Nutrition Expert at Apollo Wellness Center or as her colleagues affectionately referred to her as “celebrity nutritionist”.

She has been featured in Eenadu, ETV, Deccan Chronicle, B Positive Magazine, You and I Magazine, India Today and other publications. She is now writing a book scheduled to come out in 2013 entitled Healthy Gourmet Everyday: How to Make Your Meals Twice as Healthy Without Extra Work.

“I see how much healthy tasty cooking is needed here in Hyderabad. I know that many people want to detox, lose weight, look and feel younger and to live more vibrantly, but many don’t know how to start or what to do. The good news is that learning what you need to know is simpler than you think! I love teaching my clients that holistic living is simpler than people think. Almost anyone can learn to eat and live well, and my mission is to help others along their journey”.

Try this healthy recipe at home: Jowar Idli


  • 1 cup urad dal

  • 2 ½ cups whole jowar (soaked overnight)

  • Or 2 ½ cups jowar ravva (soaked for a couple of hours in water just to cover ravva)


  • Grind urad dal as you would for any kind of idly.

  • In it put soaked whole jowar and grind coarsely.

  • If you are using jowar ravva, simply mix it in urad dal paste.

  • Set aside overnight for fermentation

  • Add salt just before steaming.

  • Pour the batter onto the idli plates and steam it for 15 mins.

  • Enjoy jowar idli’s with coconut chutney or tomato chutney or any chutney or seed, nut and herb powders(gun powders).

  • In our house we enjoy with sesame oil or flax seed oil and curry leaf powder mix. It is also wonderful with olive oil, salt and a little black pepper.

“ The smoothies are my morning amrutham! Delicious and nourishing. I can’t do without them.”

Nagarjuna Akkineni,  Actor and businessman

“All my life I have been eating and tasty food, separately. Only after I met Sridevi, I realize I can have taste and health all in one meal. Sridevi introduced me to fine eating and taught me how to celebrate food. Thank you for Vibrant foods. You are simply the best! I love you”.

Manjula Swarup, Producer 

“I lost 5kgs in two weeks!”

Rajiv, Businessman 

To spread this love and mission, she started an initiative in the name of Vibrant Living Foods which serves delicious morning super food smoothies, tasty and filling organic lunch salad meals, organic cancer-fighting green juices & super green smoothies and healthy sweets and snacks.

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