New Year Resolutions
A wish, a recipe and a plan

Hearty wishes for 2021! 


Many of us make or try to make resolutions for times like this with the hope of bettering ourselves. But after several times of such making and breaking resolutions, some of us end up jaded! Nevertheless, such resolutions can only help us towards incremental growth, if not exponential.


At Vibrant Living, we always believe in staying young at mind, body and heart. And with that endless romanticism, here are some of our practical, objective resolutions for ourselves and you - our readers.


Undeniable scientific evidence continues to mount about the benefits of ‘all natural’, plant based foods with minimal processing. However, taste and quality of ingredients are as important as their nutritive values.


And for that, we wish to step into 2021 with a renewed commitment to our core philosophy of offering the best of ‘deliciously healthy’ foods.


What’s the big deal one might say! Yeah, I indulge in a few special days like the New Year’s Eve,, or a few weekends before that, or a few festival holidays after that or… we all know how those stories go. :))


Today’s prevalent cuisines offer regular carb rich processed foods - whether it’s rotis made from quaintly packaged flours or shiny polished rice; Or steady portions of meat every day; Or both, as is often the case. All this besides the breads, pizzas and pastas and everything they come along with. 


Plant based food is nothing but a quaint phrase to describe a diet consisting mainly or entirely of foods derived from plants (including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits). Veganism is a plant based food philosophy which we closely adhere to.


Isn’t that how it is eaten in most Indian homes anyway? Not so fast. Let’s not forget the right balance, in terms of the combination of ingredients, the portion sizes of each of them and the process of cooking to name a few.


What about the food we eat outside of our homes, at parties, or worse, the packaged snacks we get from conveyor belts and into our bellies? Overdoses of sugars, salts, flours, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Okay, let’s go back to talking about the exponentially better things mentioned earlier.


Plant based food trends are growing fast among the developed countries with Europe at the forefront. It’s going back to basics in urban India too, with more people reconnecting with their cultural roots and ancient wisdom.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that well-planned plant-based diets support health throughout all life stages, including pregnancy, lactation, childhood, and adulthood, as well as for athletes.


The American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund call for choosing predominantly plant-based diets rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, legumes, and minimally processed starchy staple foods.


One can wax eloquent about many such benefits though it suffices to say this – Plant based food diets are back here to be mainstream among the global food/diet/nutrition movements.


Many people who come to me are lost among the plethora of fad diets out there, having tried multiple fads in vogue and eventually finding them unsustainable for longer than a few weeks or months at a time. It is true – there are enough of us who are going through their whole lives without one straight week of eating a well-balanced healthy diet. 


And this leads to a whole array of deficiencies and overdoses of many nutrients and micro nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Modern medicine too has now started taking this mainstream. 


Imagine the life transformative benefits of eating nothing but a balanced diet for a week or longer! There are documented instances of people increasing everything from their body weights to blood sugars and pressures. 


Easier said than done, I hear many of them say. Well, this is what spurs us at Vibrant Living into action. Initiated after multiple requests and encouragement from my clients over the years. 


Making delicious gourmet standard breakfasts, lunches and dinners is not a simple job for anyone. And it is complicated enough for the best of passionate enough people when you have all the ingredients at hand, let alone procuring them.


At Vibrant Living, we source all our vegetables and ingredients from the highest quality producers, mostly sourced directly from farmers practicing natural cultivation methods. Added to these are the nutrient dense local superfoods that are ingeniously added to create culinary magic. 


All the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients are washed and sterilized using specialized equipment. They are put together in a way with minimal or no processing, which helps in retaining the alkaline-forming, high in fiber, multi-vitamin rich goodness, all of which you really taste in every bite. 


Furthermore, most cooking at Vibrant Living is at very low temperatures of no more than 46 degrees which is similar to sun drying. This not only preserves food enzymes intact but also maximises the bioavailability of vitamins, phytonutrients, flavonoids and other vital nutrients which are otherwise affected by higher temperatures common to regular cooking. 


Besides the generous use of live sprouts in our meals, Vibrant Living kitchens soak all the nuts and seeds used for between four to eight hours in mineral water (depending on the optimal time for each specific nut/seed). This helps them become a powerhouse of nutrients and also makes it easier for you to digest and assimilate all their goodness within. 


How about your resolutions for 2021? How about choosing a wholesome diet at least a few weeks at a time, if not every day of the month? Or maybe even that one special meal for the day. It is for those of you who wish to make that change – check out our holistic, carefully balanced gourmet meals here. 

And for those of you who love to make your own food, check out our easy to prepare recipes that are entirely plant based and are crafted with taste and nutrition as the primary focus. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them. 


Folks in Hyderabad of course are privileged (according to me and many of our clients :)) to be able to call us or order online for a day’s meal or a months’ plan or anything in between. Go to or check us out on Swiggy

And while you are at it, browsing through Vibrant Living online or in-store, don’t forget to explore our delectable range of highly nutritious gourmet snacks for guilt free indulgence - that we ship to all corners of the globe. Happy 2021 again.

Wishing you the best of health & immunity

Sridevi Jasti

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