"The smoothies are my morning amrutham! Delicious and nourishing. I can't do without them."

Nagarjuna Akkineni, Actor & Businessman.


"Sridevi's food is full of goodness and surprises. I love the way she blends flavours and textures to ensure we get all the nutrition we need. If I choose a word to describe it , 'yummy' says it all."

Amala Akkineni, Actress and Animal Welfare Activist.


“All my life I have been eating and tasty food, separately. Only after I met Sridevi, I realize I can have taste and health all in one meal. Sridevi introduced me to fine eating and taught me how to celebrate food. Thank you for Vibrant foods. You are simply the best! I love you”.

Manjula Swarup, Producer.


I've been enjoying the treats from Sridevi's kitchen studio for some time now along with my family. I love the taste and the feeling of comfort they give. Having known Sridevi for some time, I can see the passion and commitment with which she makes her food. The bonus of course is that she is an experienced nutritionist who knows her stuff inside out and makes her food with organic sources as much as possible. I'm surely among her top fans of food!

Namratha Shirodkar, Miss India(1993)Actress.


I met Sridevi when I was looking for a dietician to help me plan healthier meals for my children. Sridevi helped me to incorporate healthy food into our regular meals – like her multigrain dosa, jowar upma etc.
I also like the food she makes, her salads and her snacks. Her salads are good meal substitutes. Her snacks are healthy and tasty. What I learn from Sridevi is sourcing of food from good chemical free sources is as important as eating healthy. She has an in depth knowledge of traditional, wholesome food from across the globe and she uses that knowledge to enhance taste and nutritive value of food. She encourages us to shop for and make our food – which is an idea that appeals to me.

Y.S. Bharathi, Media and Political Personality.


Morning Berry Juice, afternoon exotic Salads, Beans, seed & nut Pates, amazing Dips and  Of course  the Sesame Crackers..... Simply Superb & Vibrant!!! Thank you Sridevi!!

Kiran, M.D, Gemini Television.


Never thought diet food can be this tasty. Thoroughly enjoying my lunches everyday Sauces are fantastic! I was astonished to find out I lost 5 kgs!

Dr. Gurava reddy.


"I lost 5kgs in two weeks!"

Rajiv Bolla, Businessman.


I've had the pleasure of tasting Sridevi's beautiful and always very healthy and incredibly tasty food over the years. I'm so happy to see that she's sharing her passion and creativity with her people back at home!!
I really think those who get to taste her food and learn to make some of her recipes are very fortunate. I admire the way she blends exquisite taste with totally natural, wholesome and extremely healthy ingredients in her cooking. As a nutritionist, I keep hoping more and more people get to know her cuisine. Eating is pure joy without any worries and fears of decadence and weight gain with her recipes, in fact it's wonderfully nutritious. In these times of rising weight-related health problems, she is truly a gift to people around her, regardless of which part of the world she goes to. I'm a big fan!!"

Sunitha Jasti, Professor of Nutrition, New York.

"I have been lucky enough to eat Sri's creations on countless occasions, and have always been impressed with the beautiful presentation, healthful freshness, and absolutely delicious flavours and aromas. Thank you Sridevi!"

Dr David Melamud, Dentist, Toronto.


"I find the morning smoothie such a great way to start the day, especially since I'm not a breakfast person. Is delivered early enough before i head for work, so I never leave home on an empty stomach like I often did earlier before meeting Sridevi. Love the banana and chia seed texture… and all the fresh berries. Staying healthy can be such a challenge but with my morning berry smoothie, i feel im starting off my day on a good note."

Supriya Yarlagadda, Annapoorna Studios.


"I feel so good...excellent! Thank you for the feeling you give us" She lost 3kgs in two weeks!

Nandita Lakhani.


"We met Sridevi Jasti in Florence, Italy in 2008, and we have been delighted about her charm, her culture and her very special cuisine. We had several opportunities to taste her wonderful healthy food, since she was in charge of the catering on occasion of our studio annual parties.
Thanks to Sridevi Jasti our clients, who are sensitive and educated towards healthy food, were stimulated and really involved about the way she combined spices and made the food tasty, light and digestible. We encourage anyone who wants to discover unique and tasty healthy food to take the opportunity and enjoy the great gastronomic experience."

Pino Carbone, Florence, Italy. Fitness instructor to the world's top ballet dancers and Director of IL Vortice Studio.


Sridevi is such an inspiring friend! To see her craft passion, talent and creativity into her food is wonderful! Her global and holistic food is alive with exotic and native ingredients, and so very delicious to boot! Sridevi is able to make healthy food be tasty, interesting and surprising at the same time. Lucky to have her in Hyderabad!

Vijaya Lakshmi Setlem,Freelance writer.


My introduction to healthy that was also tasty,  was when Sri sent me food when my cook was on leave. I got so hooked on to her imaginative take on food that I was almost sad when my cook returned! Since then I have attended her cooking classes and tried to incorporate her passion for healthy food in my life. The nuts, the Kale chips....I love it all. Thanks Sri , for changing my perception of food.

Archie Paranji,Archie Paranji Designs.


I know
U apply magic on people
It's true
When ever u tell someone abt U
I say this
U shuld listen from her abt food
U will never eat wrong food
If u eat also U will be aware what u r supposed to
Or nt supposed to

Bhargavi Kunam.

Very tasty and fulfilling" thank you.

Goutham Reddy, M.L.A.


"Eating Sridevi's food each day is a joy. There is always something new to try. She makes food that I would never think of making myself, so I never have to get bored with my own limited range of ideas. More importantly, though, I've seen definite change in my health since I started taking her food and smoothies. I used to be prone to basty head and chest colds that would last for weeks. Now that I am taking sridevi's food, I almost never fall sick. Recently, I did feel what I thought was a bad cold coming on, but it lasted for only three days rather than for the weeks I was once used to. I feel happy to be doing more for my health. I believe that if the short-term benefits have been so noticeable, then the long-term benefits of eating Sridevi's food will be enormous. I think of it as a sort of investment in my own future"

Kim Walters, Doctoral Student,University of Chicago.

recently had the good fortune of participating in a fabulous gourmet meal prepared by Sridevi Jasti, the renouned health food expert, and I was extremely impressed with the dinning experience. The food was exqisitely prepared with wonderful subtle tastes that permeated each dish. Even the rice had wonderful consistency and taste as it was prepared to her exacting standards. The best part however came after the meal when I experienced for many hours after, a wonderful feeling of contentment and well being due to the high quality and healthy nature of the food that was served."

Richard, Financial Planner, Florida.

"I never thought I would like food like this, fresh and vegetarian. I am surprised that I am full and satisfied. The white beans, I loved."

Priyanka, Student.

I want people to benefit from your food and learn to eat right, I don't know anyone as big hearted and caring as you God bless you!

Latha Kapadia, Shobha Jewelers.

"The smoothie is very good. I'm able to play badminton n squash with lot of energy. The salads r very good. I lost 2kgs in 10 days. Salads r very light in stomach. I'm really enjoying my salads for my lunch"

Chamundi (Chamundeshwaranath), Sports Coach.

"I have been having the smoothies and lunches from Sridevi's Vibrant Living food for over two months now. So far, I have always stayed away from 'health food' because most of the stuff out there simply does not taste good and I love my food too much to eat unappetizing stuff on a regular basis, even in the name of health. Sridevi's stuff gave me a totally new perspective that health food can be delicious. The smoothies are a great energy booster in the morning and taste great even though there is no dairy or added sugar. The lunch menu has a great deal of variety and often goes beyond salad to include soups, rolls and most recently, a raw food pizza. In addition to being yummy, the lunch is also surprising filling, virtually eliminating the need to snack on junk before dinner."

Rohini, Freelance Professional.

Hi Sridevi
I'm heading back to Australia on Tuesday the 25th of November. I am not sure when I will be back but I'm sure other Australians from the firm will come over, so I have left all your details for anyone that would like to use your services.
I just want to say thank you so much for your delicious food. It really has made things here a lot easier for me and I look forward to lunch and smoothies everyday. My skin has completely cleared up and I look and feel great. So thank you !!
If you want to send the invoice on Monday (including Tuesday lunch) I'll get payment to you by Tuesday afternoon. I am also hoping to get some balls or those crackers you make for the plane trip (plane food does not sit right with me). Please add any charge to the invoice. Thanks again !


"It is no rocket science, eat sridevi's food and nothing else. You will loose all the extra weight you have!"

Sridhar Yelamanchili.

I started the detox last year with a lot of apprehensions as to whether I would be able to complete it , but I ended up doing it for longer than told . It is surprising the amount of energy I had even without eating anything for over a week!And the way I felt after the detox is so light and pure that it's addictive. Sridevi really knows how to make you feel good even while u eat healthy . Eagerly awating the next one


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