Our organic deliveries include superfood smoothies in the mornings, tasty organic lunches in the afternoons and organic vegetable juices in the evenings.

All our products are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Superfood Smoothies

These delicious smoothies are packed with wholesome organic ingredients and hard-to-find super foods like chia seeds, acai and goji berries. We do not add sugar, ice cream, salt, saturated fats, preservatives, additives, artificial colors and flavoring or any other ingredients that are high on calories.

Price: Rs. 200 per portion

Organic Lunches

Our lunch menu doesn’t just stop at salads but also includes items like stuffed bell peppers and cabbage rolls, all with a Vibrant Living Foods twist of course. Our raw food pizzas and beet ravioli have been a big hit with our clientele.

Price: Rs. 250 per lunch

Organic Vegetable Juices

Delivered in the evening, our juices are made with various combinations of organic carrots, beets, sweet lime, pomegranate, cucumbers, spinach, sunflower sprouts, dark leaf lettuce, sorrel, moringa leaves, lemon, and ginger.

Price: Rs. 175 per portion

Snacks & Desserts

If you are looking for a solution for mid-day hunger pangs or guiltless indulgences for celebrations and festivals, check out our range of cookies, crackers, cakes and chocolates.

Price: On respective product pages

Super Food Green Smoothie

Our green smoothies are absolutely organic with no preservatives or added colour. They are healthy and act as great energy boosters. Packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, this one is definitely a hands down winner.

Price: Rs. 300 per portion

Fresh Wheat Grass Shot Cold Pressed

Start your day right with our wheatgrass shot. It can help support detoxification, digestion and optimum health. Wheatgrass is a whole food supplement rich in living phytonutrients and is highly alkalizing allowing your body to heal and nourish in a perfect environment.

Price: Rs. 150

Organic Breakfast

Jowar is one of the most healthy cereals, along with wheat, oats, corn and barley. The goodness of Jowar in idly has been quite famous among people already. Jowar idly with healthy dips serves as an absolutely delicious breakfast.

Price: Rs. 150 per portion

Dinner Soup

Our dinner soups are eclectic, filling and very scrumptious. Delicious, organic, and healthy, these soups are slow cooked in order to preserve their nutrients. They are light but very rich, and will easily sustain you through the night.

Price: Rs. 275 per portion, Daily Services.

Currently we deliver Breakfast, Lunches, Smoothies, Snacks and Desserts.
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