Galangal (Thai Ginger): Ginger is a good source of antioxidants. It aids in digestion and circulation.
Gandhari Chili Peppers: Heart-friendly and, unlike other chilies, these are rich in vitamins C, E & A.
Garlic: Garlic has anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiviral properties and in some cases can even stop blood clots from forming in the arteries.
Ginger: Ginger is a good source of antioxidants. It aids in digestion and circulation.
Goji Berry: For over 2,000 years, Goji berries have been prized for its long list of health benefits and well-known anti-aging properties. Goji berry is called a “superfood” for good reasons! This small red berry are some of the highest antioxidant-containing foods

in the world and antioxidants are important because they fight excess free radicals in the body (caused by car pollution, diet, etc.). Excess free radicals can cause premature aging, heart disease, cancer, inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, wrinkles, DNA damage (from pollution, toxic exposures, diet, etc.) and other health challenges. Antioxidants help protect the cells in your body from damage that can potentially set the stage for many health problems including blood vessel damage that contributes to heart disease. Goji berries contain not only high amounts of vitamins and minerals but also have many unique phytonutrients, polysaccharides, phenolics and other unique natural compounds not found in most foods. For example, they contain an antioxidant called zeaxanthin, which can contribute to eye and skin health, compounds to boost immunity and promote healthy linings of the urinary, intestinal & respiratory tracts, lower blood sugar and even prevent certain types of cancers. Goji berries also contain certain kinds of polysaccharides and other substances which have demonstrated their ability to increasing energy, mental focus, alertness, mental acuity and improving circulation & strength which can benefit physical fitness routines & sports activities. Some users also report improvements in the quality of sleep, calmness and better mood.

Grapefruit: High in potassium and studies clearly show that if you get twice as much potassium in your diet as sodium, you decrease the risk of dying of heart disease by 50%. It’s also an excellent source of vitamins A, vitamin C and other antioxidants. Grapefruit also helps us boost our immunity.
Grape Tomatoes: A great source of a micro-nutrient called lycopene. Diets high in lycopene can decrease the risk of a heart attack by as much as 50%, according to studies. There’s also evidence that lycopene is linked to lower cancer rates. In fact,

there’s a study which shows that eating 7 servings or more, per week of tomatoes can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers such as rectal, stomach and colon cancers by as much as 60%. Tomatoes also contain a type of beneficial phytonutrients called saponins, which is one the things which give tomatoes a slightly bitter taste, and when inside us, saponins act like antioxidants (anti-aging compounds). Saponins have been shown to protect again breast, prostate and other cancers and can also help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood by interfering with its re-absorption. Also, this “interfering” with cholesterol is what some studies have shown with regards to saponins’ ability to prevent cancer. Cancer loves to feed on cholesterol in our bodies (that’s one potential reason for higher cancer rates in populations consuming cholesterol-rich Western diets) but saponins are able to react with the cholesterol which cancer feeds on thus limiting cancer’s potential growth and viability.

Green Beans (French Beans): An excellent source of protein and fiber, green beans are also a good source of heart-friendly magnesium and little-discussed but vital vitamin K which is very important for a healthy heart and for maintaining strong bones.
Green Chili Peppers: Heart-friendly and also have pain relief abilities.
Green Leaf Lettuce (not the boring iceberg lettuce variety!): A good source of antioxidant vitamin A and the heart-healthy and bone-friendly vitamin K.
Greeen Mangoes: It’s high water content and very low glycemic load of just 9, green mangos can be enjoyed by anything including diabetics! Anything under 11 is considered “low glycemic load” and therefore has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels preventing “sugar spikes”.

They’re rich in vitamin C and other vitamins such as A, B6 and other B-complex vitamins plus beneficial phytochemicals.

Green Onions – see Scallions

Green Papaya: The fiber-rich fruit was liked so much by Christopher Columbus that he called it the “fruit of the angels”. Green papaya an excellent yet much overlooked ingredient in salads. It’s also rich in enzymes which help you better digest food.

These enzymes are much more concentrated in green papayas than in ripe ones. Papayas are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and heart-friendly potassium. Green papayas are also rich in folic acid (vitamin B9) which naturally reduces a substance in the body called homocysteine. Those with elevated levels of homocysteine have a much higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Green Peas: Green peas used to be considered an incredible and rare delicacy by the kings, queens and high society of 17th century France which was simply inaccessible to the average person. Now we can all enjoy this tasty and nutritious food! Greens peas are

very high in protein both soluble and insoluble fiber and are a great source of B-vitamins, iron, strong-bone-promoting minerals phosphorus and manganese and heart-friendly vitamin potassium which helps to regulate heartbeat and blood pressure. Green peas are also a good source of zinc which is important for the immune system to be able to successfully fight bacterial and viral infections and for faster wound healing.

Green Superfood Mix: Contains barley grass, alfafa grass, wheat grass, oat grass and a mixture of rare sprouts such as amaranth sprouts, adzuki bean sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, quinoa sprouts, etc. Over 40 nutrient-dense superfoods, sprouts and veggies are contained in this mixture.

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