Eat, Drink & Be Healthy!

Whenever I get my hands on some fresh smelling basil, a good crop of organic kale, or the latest harvest of Himalayan walnuts, my heart swells with gratitude for the farmers and Mother Nature. Nature blesses us with such amazing gifts that I left in wonder many times. I am truly so grateful to be able to share this bounty with you! Give yourself and your loved ones a gift of health by choosing wholesome nutrition; be it for any one mealtime (e.g. breakfast smoothies only), or all meals. For as short a duration as one week, a month, or indefinitely! Convenient nutrition packages, at the convenience of your home or workplace. What are you waiting for?

Smoothies, Juices & Drinks
In the morning 3 amazing beverages waken you and get you ready for the day! The potent wheatgrass shot, a phytonutrient-rich green smoothie and a superfood chia-berry drink. My berry smoothies are crafted with imported organic berries

blended with organic chia seeds. This is just an example of my artisanal smoothies; this and many other beauties are loaded with exotic superfoods delivering the highest ORAC values!

With my juices, I craft many original and healthy combinations of vegetables and fruits with lemon, pomegranate, cayenne, apple, celery, cucumber, lettuce, kale and pears, and more! With no compromise in taste or freshness.

Drinks include mineral rich, vegetable-herb mineral broths that are cooked from the best and eclectic produce my team can procure! Obviously, the combinations are too many to include here!

Specialty probiotic potions like kefirs are created with pure and simple ingredients such as coconut water. Fermented drinks like kombucha nurture us with amazing probiotics that keep our taste buds tingling and our guts healthy!

Lunches & Dinners
Slow food, organic food, superfoods are not simply catchwords, they make a lifestyle! A way of life wherein we consume foods produced in their natural environs without chemical intervention during production.

Hyderabad is now privy to this healthy, no, *healthiest* convenience! You will discover Sweet & Savory Veggie Pies, Beetroot Lasagna, Casseroles with Jowar and Himalayan Rajma Beans, Baked Falafel and even a Russian Salad. These are a few names among many other superb, original, organic and vegan, lunches and dinners. Other offerings include fresh, organic salads like Carrot-Raisin-Orange and Araku Valley White Bean with Kale. Dinner stews include many international entrées like Minestrone, Trombetta and Multi-Mushroom soups. All my meals incorporate seasonal bounties with other organic, and at times, even rare ingredients resulting in boosting immunity with amazing taste!

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