Gift a Cleanse! Detox in Style!

All that you need to take off the urban burden on your gut and liver, without feeling hungry or deprived in any way. A detox need not be a chore, it can in fact, be a fun and nutritious way to challenge our bodies. Enjoy a fun detox by yourself, or with a group of friends, all from the convenience of your home or office! The sheer variety of these ‘purification’ programs also make for eclectic gifting as well – try one on your buddies!

But, Why Cleanse or Detox?
Fasting improves gene behavior, recharges cells, regulates blood pressure and reduces inflammation. Your heart, brain and even lifespan will thank you for regular

cleanses where the digestive system and the rest of you take a break! My cleanse packages are an extension of my core belief that great nutrition doesn’t just fuel our bodies, it must integrate the corporal with the mind and soul.

Why, My Cleanses?
Simply embarking on a juice fast can even be detrimental, besides causing fatigue and hunger pangs. An experienced professional like me knows what goes into a

1 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day or a 21 Day Cleanse.  Depending on the length of the detox, I know that easing into a cleanse program is very important, and getting safely out, even more significant! I impart quality time with each of my fasting/cleanse clients to ensure safety and efficacy of such a regimen. I also regularly participate with my clients to gift myself the same healthy opportunity!

*Brand New* Sunday Detox - For all the weekend warriors (oops, partiers!), there is a need to revive after revelry! Every Saturday, we can send you a do-it-yourself kit with everything you need to follow the 1 Day (Sunday) Cleanse! Gets you ready for the week, pumped full of antioxidant power!

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