Sridevi Jasti

From the pristine landscapes and fields of Florence, Tuscany, Florida and Toronto emerged an idea that was destined to find its glory in the heartland of India.

An idea born out of passion that triggered an innate need to give food a new shape, a new dimension and a whole new meaning…

A hobby that was meant to care for a family's health and well being with food made from tender love and care, soon turned into a mission that expanded to several families that enjoy the magic of unspoilt nutrition in all its richness and reality.

Sridevi Jasti rolled up her sleeves and created a kitchen that would only serve the most authentic, nutritive and energetic food that would change the way people want to see their lives and health changing for the better.

It started with the belief that healthy food must taste good and be enjoyed. And that people should gradually recognise the value of meaningful/mindful eating.

Sridevi's mission has been to obtain the finest ingredients produced naturally, without any chemicals sniffing them or anything inorganic touching them.

And the goal has always been to never allow any fraction of the nutritive value dissipate in the handling, processing or the cooking process.

Sridevi's educational roots were firmly established as a highly qualified holistic nutritionist with immense passion for experimenting and tossing up the most enjoyable cuisine for those who love food. A creative and romantic journey that began as a hobby is making its way into the hearts of people as a habit they never want to quit…


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